NEW!! 3 Day Eventing Simulator makes its debut at Equitana 2015

Wishing everyone a very happy, successful and peaceful 2015.

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For many, the new year brings with it lots of new challenges as well as exciting ventures. For us, one of our next key dates is Equitana Essen in March, and I am very excited to announce that we will be showcasing the new (and much anticipated) 3 Day Eventing Simulator at the show.

This new simulator will be offering visitors at the show a chance to:

Analyse their performance

Challenge their physical fitness

Deliver the perfect performance

Chose between Cross Country, Show Jumping or Dressage

This is the world’s first simulator of its kind, using exciting new flight simulation to replicate the movement of a 15hand horse whether it is to perform intricate dressage steps, to clearing 1.2m fences on fast paced and unpredictable cross country course.

Equitana is an incredible busy event, so if you are interested in test riding our brand new model, please do contact us direct before hand to book your session.

See you there :)



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4 Responses to NEW!! 3 Day Eventing Simulator makes its debut at Equitana 2015

  1. We would like to test the dressage simulator on Saturday, the 14th March 2015.
    I’m a 13 year old dressage rider. I come from a hungarian dressage centre from Máriakálnok.

    Thank you

  2. Sharon Prosser says:

    Please would it be possible to book a session at equitana on Weds 18th March? Many thanks

  3. stephan strom says:

    I was there…..but i can’t found the racewood display??
    Was “racewood” in a show-list at “messe-Essen”???

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